What Are The Best W...
What Are The Best Ways To Get Backlinks?
What Are The Best Ways To Get Backlinks?
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While this view was understandable on the surface, it didn't float all that well in reality. And of course the algorithms have become far more powerful and fine-tuned than they once were. In the real world, those who are out to game and manipulate the engines may have as many or more resources to keep up with the engines than "the rest of us." So over the last few years, the search engines have continued to be more open with what they consider important as well as what abuses may get sites into trouble, perhaps realizing that there are also a lot of sites that may not have been purposely trying to mislead the engines, but were just victims of bad advice.  
By openly helping everyone, they are really just helping to raise the bar of quality for all sites, and maybe even making it even harder for bad sites to game the engines. Along with providing more detailed information and answering more and more questions publicly, the greatest advancement they have made has been in creating tools to actually give site owners (who have validated their sites) more information about their sites than they've ever experienced before.  
You will not get on the search engines in any med-high comp keyword without backlinks.  
Try to think of backlinks as a way to determine the popularity of a site, the more dofollow backlinks the more popular the site is (in the eyes of a search engine) this is not as you will know the full understanding but it makes it easy for everyone to understand without going into huge detail.  
Articles for me has to be my favorite way to get very powerfull links running back to your blog or site and the importance of the link is massive, if you get a very high pageranked site to link back to your blog google loves this and will rank your site higher in the results but remember you are not alone in knowing this fact, so with this is mind expect to spend many an hour writting what will seem an endless list of articles.  
Do you see the power of this now? If i went out and got 100 baclinks all random no good sites maybe even sites i made, i would get poor results, but if i went out and backlinked with a good pagrank site say PR 5 i would get much better results.  
Blog Directories again is a great way for getting your links, the problem with this way is a lot of blog directoires will charge you a small fee to have the privalige to post your link on them, they will offen get huge exposure and it would be wise to link to them if you don't mind the small charge, could be very well worth it to your blog.  
These  tips would definitely help you in increasing your business online. There are many SEO communities where you can receive great solutions. Ask Questions: If you are stuck somewhere try asking questions in SEO communities. This will help you in better understanding. SEO Blogs: Try and study some informatory SEO blogs which provide you an ample amount of information.  
They continue to put more information and control into our hands. As each of these is free, there is no reason for site owners not to take a few minutes to validate their sites and start spending a little time each month putting these tools to work for them. This is one invitation from the spiders you don't want to turn down. The advancement in all of these tools is great news to Webmasters and SEOs alike. Not wanting to be outdone by the others, hopefully each of the engines will add each other's additions to their own toolsets.  
Not surprising, Webmaster Central is leading the pack in delivering great information and tools to Webmasters. At the center, literally, is Webmaster Tools, which provides site owners with fairly detailed information on site crawling, queries, considerably more backlink information than can be queried outside of Tools, and much more. Google introduced Webmaster Central, which continues to add more and more features for site owners. The query information in particular provides an unprecedented view of the search phrases that a site is showing up for, including those terms that aren't actually delivering traffic to the site.  
search market in April. But Bing has more to worry about than just Google's new features. According to research firm ComScore, Google owned 65.4 percent of the U.S. Bing was able to generate just 14.1 percent market share, while Yahoo accommodated 15.9 percent of the searches last month.  
For the new feature to work, the user must be logged in to Bing and Facebook at the same time. To apparently achieve that goal, Microsoft unveiled a new feature for Bing earlier this week that uses Facebook "likes" to improve a user's search results. For example, if a user tries to find a new restaurant in their city, Bing will push establishments that the respective user's friends have liked on Facebook higher in its search results.  
And the time has come for search companies to appeal to the new needs of users. Weitz specifically targeted Google, saying that the company's idea of the "connection between" Web sites to determine results ranking was a "brilliant, brilliant model." But, he says, it doesn't work any longer.



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